January 4, 2018
by David

Starting Afresh in 2018

     2018, A year of Starting Something New, Fresh, Different, Unique, Fabulous, Exquisite, Glamorous, Contagious, Efficient and above all Godly.

     2018 is a fabulous year. Why did I say so? It is a year that hasn’t been experienced by any living creature on the surface of the earth. It is the beginning of a new dawn of activities and events. Series of imaginable and unimaginable things. The good stuff and the bad ones. It is a year full of misery, facts and perfection. It is a year to look forward to. From the starting point of 12.01am on that fateful dawn, it is time for everyone to extinct from them,  every previous achievement prior to that tick in time. Looking back from then till now, several have already started with the addition of another year, trust me, I have lots of friend who has celebrated their birthdays, meanwhile, there are several people around the globe who have also lost their lives as noted by the new year eve, when an unknown gun-man fired tens of people leading to loss of lives. It is time will take the bull by the horn, it is not a time to be scared about the year. Many prophesies have gone forth for the year, however, the path we choose to follow will determine if we will benefit from either the positive or the negative side of it.
      I repeat it again, that the year 2018, is a year filled with gladness, riches, love, favor among many others, but the fact it has these mentioned, does not mean, that it will be delivered on a platter of gold. It is time to take a bold step, determination to be successful is vital, we need to take things serious prior to this time, let’s do things differently from the previous year for greater and better results. It will be myopic of us to think that we could practically walk through the year and get things done cheaply without an adequate input of strength, wisdom and hard work. It is time to be serious with our objectives for the year 2018. Remember vividly, that every day and moment lost, can never be recovered again. It has been recorded as a past event. I know a lot will say, I am yet to highlight what I want in 2018, let me give you some clue as to how to go about it.
  • What are the pending and disserted projects of 2017? List them and begin to factorize on which to pick up and start off with in 2018.
  • What are the attitudes that has caused you a fortune, blessing or progress in 2017? Highlight them out and start working on how to get rid of them. Pick up books, get information on how others overcame it.
  • What is your utmost goal for the year? You need to get that one straight and align other objectives around it.
  • Career-wise are you satisfy with your current state? Do you feel it is a waste of time studying further? Remember the world evolves, so is development. Start learning new things. Be innovative
  • Take up new challenges. Several fears doing a function or job because they felt they haven’t gotten the knowledge to execute it. My dear, start learning the skills. It will boost your confidence and resume.
  • Engage in positive thinking throughout the year 2018, despite what the economy might seem to be. Don’t work with the situation, but work with the provider of solution.
  • No matter where you stop with goals this year, never abandon your vision for destiny.
  • Start engaging with friends that can lift you up in life. Move with those more knowledgeable and skillful than you. Move with Men of integrity.
  • You cannot neglect the God-Factor in making 2018 a success and a fulfilled one. Move closer to him through prayers, his word and fellowship with the brethren.
I have just mentioned a few of the things, you should entangle your mind with as the year unfolds its mysteries to you. No one on earth has walked through the year except the ALPHA and OMEGA. The year is fresh, just like when a Man brings home his bride or when a woman brought forth her young ones. Let us have a different perception about life, purpose and existence.



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