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This adage is very vital in how we relate with one another(human networking). To be respectful is an act of showing esteem towards a fellow either in returning gesture or an act of showcasing humility. Now!, back to the topic, people have never given a thought on this important virtue that acts as a catalyst to proper development and productivity in this modern world. When we consider Africa as a continent, and most precisely the western part where I Hail from, we would see that an act of respect have been cultivated and this brings the notion of a proper ethical upbringing as instituted by tradition. Looking at the world at large, considering the Middle east, Asians and Europeans, they all have a well of acknowledging one another by virtue of age difference or based on friendship.
I have heard from several sources that people look down on them because of their simplicity or act of constantly showing ultimate respect to others. From my knowledge and research, such analysis shouldn’t be adopted, I will like to highlight a few points on why it is good and valuable to be respectful.
Favor: This particular attribute emanates by virtue of our good conduct and this can be describe by showing appreciation for something done by another in the past, which will prompt unusual actions that leads to fruition.
Blessing: This can be attributed to respect shown to elder ones, parents alike, when they see such gesture, it will move them to release words of life into such a fellow or fellows.
Leadership: An act of respect or appreciation towards your fellow colleagues or even younger ones at a place of employment, creates an avenue of rising to the top, because to be a leader, you must first be a servant and that requires absolute humility.
From the enlisted points above, this shows how important it is to be respectful, there’s nothing negative of it but several positives.

Cultivate this habit today and see how your life will be turned around.


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