November 29, 2018
by David
A moment

A moment

The impact of power cannot be overruled or neglected especially when referring to ‘a moment’. All that occurs hear from a human conception, to promotion on a task, or a bereaved soul all takes a moment. Why then do people fail to realize that all that occurs to a man happens in a moment. Let us look at the creation of the world, how man populated the earth? All occurs in a moment, from the creation of the earth, to the established of a formed man, all was in a moment.

There has been irrational behavior across societies due to current issues affecting proper development of an individual. The fact remains that regardless of the wallowing in distress, and anxiety, when a change will come, it will take just a moment. The issue that faces a man today, feels like all is going down the drain but it is to last for just a moment.

Taking into consideration, the conception of a new born baby, the smell of a new formed man from the womb of her mother, that warmness and cuteness that makes them attractive to everyone around them. Suddenly, a period emerges where such a child would be faced with decisions to make and at that moment begin to realize that he or she isn’t a child any longer, it seems like yesterday, that happens in a moment. The transformation takes place almost unbelievable and people exclaimed ‘wasn’t this the child of yesterday, he’s all grown up’. All these happens in a moment.

Now, let’s look at the power in a moment. What is power? It is simply the capability to do something. The inference that emanates from a moment, is such that leaves every participant speechless. You cannot take away the place of your maker in enforcing a drastic and quick change to your situation. The same individual that is left hopeless over a period, suddenly forgets the agony of the past, after experiencing a turnaround in fortune. Let us take for instance, the dawn and the dusk, are two separate time zone that reoccurs frequently on daily basis. They both takes a moment to be established, when you wake up at the dawn of the day, where to atmosphere is still covered in darkness, suddenly a transformation takes place and the light blossoms upon thy feet.

It takes a moment for an individual to receive an accolade and a moment for a lovely journey to be ruined. Several have ruined their lives by bad decisions, all in a moment, some have taken a step that they regret just moment after it was done. It is essential for everyone to take a pause, study the path, knowing that whatever is done can’t be reversed rather it is in record. In a moment, a person is seen among his mates and just moment after, it will be told, such as passed on. Every single time spent is a moment, therefore watch you do in such moment, never rush to take a decision that can leave you wandering for a lifetime.



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