In the world today, there have been intoxication with reference to the topic to be treated. This particular ideology of elaborating on alcohol and the Holy Spirit, is of crucial importance to the growth of every individual aspiring to live according the precept demanded of them by God Almighty. We will look at several examples, in the scriptures, that expand the concept behind the point of focus.

First, it would be wrong to proceed with the topic, without given a proper definition to the two distinctive words. I will start with the word, alcoholism which is simply derived from alcohol. It is defined as the act of engaging in the consumption of alcohol. Looking at the second word, the Holy Spirit, is God in the spirit form, the third of the trinity and the living witness of the truth of the gospel in the heart of every believers. These two terminology describe the difference between living in flesh and in spirit. One is an evidence of a natural man while the other is a product of grace given to mankind by Jesus Christ.

Let us take an example to further expand our understanding about this topic. When we look into the account of the early church in Acts 2-5, we would see the move of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of the believers. The first baptism came during the unity in prayer of the apostles as Jesus told them, to wait upon the Spirit of God. On that fateful day, there was a physical evidence of the Holy Spirit upon them, as they speak in diverse tongues. I would put it this way that where intoxicated by the Spirit and the people around them, begin to propagate that they were drunk of wine. When the Holy Spirit is upon a man, there’s bound to be an evidence, on the other hand, when one is drunk with alcoholic wine or drinks, we could see the obscene reaction that takes place.

I would like to highlight, the outcome of alcoholism to man. They are as follows:

  • Outpouring of vague words: For any man, which is in the state of alcoholism, such a person begins to speak expressly the negativity embedded in him or her. Such a person can alter abusive words, that can cause a chaos in his or her environment and such a person will be tagged as an irresponsible person.
  • Physical Abuse: When this act is in motion, such a person can be abuse either by rape or by indecent approaches.
  • Temporal Madness: This is also an outcome of the effect of alcoholism where such a person can be violent and even be mistaken for a mad man or woman.

The Holy Spirit is the alcoholism of Christians, when others in the world are intoxicated with beers, wines, etc. The children of the Most High should seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Remember, what Jesus said, ‘If anyone thirst, come to me and I will give to you of the fountains of waters, that you might of it and thirst no more’. We could also remember vividly, during the dialogue that took place between Jesus and Samaritan woman, Jesus said ‘If you know who you are talking to, you will ask of me to give unto you, the water which you will drink and thirst no more’. It was the Holy Spirit, that Jesus was confessing during his earthly ministry and it was also foretold in Joel 2 verse 28.

It is so painful and shameful today that people crave for alcohol as way of celebration or satisfaction even those that refer themselves as ‘Christians’, instead of seeking for the outpouring of the Spirit of God upon their lives. We need to also understand that any Christian without the Holy Spirit in them, we in this world live a miserable life and will be concurrently tormented by demons. Every human being, is born with a void and he or she needs to fill it up with something, there’s a craving taking place, it is either sin or holiness, it is either alcohol or the Holy Spirit. Remember what happened to King Saul in the scripture, After he disobey the commands of God, the Spirit of God left him and evil spirit took over his vacuumed heart.

Every child of God must ensure they are filled with the Holy Spirit, it isn’t something you learn about speaking in tongues in seminaries, it is the Holy Spirit possession of your tongue. The Holy Spirit in you ensures you are transformed during the RAPTURE.

Alcoholism leads to violence, disgrace and insanity but the HOLY SPIRIT is God himself residing within us. Please, if you into such act, stop them and ask God to come into your life, then you can receive the promise of the FATHER.


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