November 17, 2015
by David

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We are looking at the effect of positive influence from every angle phased at the upbringing of a child. Children are not just a product of love from both parent, but they should be the product of their achievements. I have seen several people claiming that it doesn’t matter whether they have a child or not, while some felt that children are only made to keep the relationship between a husband and a wife alive. Now! , for those that are ready to acknowledge the truth about children, while they reflect back, that they also were once a output of their childhood.

Let us take a look at things that affects the development of a child and how we can introduce a concept to combat such, for those growing up their offspring and for future births.

  • Mother’s Influence: This factor should not be seen as something abstract, it is unfathomable. Mothers are the closest to their offspring especially when they were the channel through which a child is brought forth into the world. This influence spoken of, started off in the womb; the kind of things she does, how she reacts to things around her, what she eats, the position and environment she exposes herself to, determines part of the mindset a child will execute after he or she is introduce into planet earth.
  • External attractions from the womb: When a child is in the womb, it might interest you to know that those who surrounds the mother most of the time, have an influence on the unborn child. The child even goes to acquire some virtues from them even as far as resembling them.
  • Activities: The kind of event that a child is exposed to, including TV series, spoken words and statements, physical demonstrations, etc affects their reasoning and how they will respond to their environment and fellow humans. An example, is when a child is yet to speak, some of the TV or radio stations watched could be what they will project forth as their first word.
  • These are the most crucial factors that impacts on infants, that’s why it is very important for everyone around them, to be conscious of what they do, say or perform in their presence. Remember, it is at this stage that they grab things fast, as they want to quickly adjust to a new world and environment they find themselves in.

    Let us endeavor, to take note of these enlisted points, we should give more attention to them, if possible 95% of it, so that when they are fully grown, we will be proud of the kind of personnel they have become.


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