There’s a saying that ‘when a man’s stop learning, then the individual is practically dead by all standards’. What do you get yourself involve with on a daily basis, are you often compelled to engage in activities that will benefit you now and the future?. We need to understand that learning is a continuous process and there isn’t a limit to learning. Over the years, specifically during my secondary and tertiary institution, there was burning desire for learning, probably because there are less distractions around, unlike now, for a period of a decade where technological advancement have been the order of the day. Majority of individuals do not have a proper orientation of what or how to use those resources available to their own advantage, rather they are subsequently indulge in what I called social exuberance, which is a reflection of how every age group have tend to perceive the implementation of resources specifically the social media and the internet.

    There is a need for us to change our orientation towards building a creative platform that will enable steady rise in growth and development of our society and country at large. There are several resources available ranging from the old conventional style of studying, implementing the use of educative books for different subject and cultures to technological advancement where written data can be stored in a buffer electronically. The new age has led to the production of electronic books, presentations slides, digital audio recordings, amongst several others, where everyone nowadays have access to the internet, could download those files and study them at their leisure time over and over. When we look at the current economic situation of developing countries and the demands in the job market, it is essential that we make good use of the available resources known to us. It might be a bit rigorous and complex to undergo practical knowledge over the web but it gives you a positive platform with less task needed to acquire the required application than those that have no understanding whatsoever.

  It is an interesting phenomenon to know there’s a way out in improving our creativity and knowledge of what transpires around us and subsequently making a career out of it, they key factor as stated in this article is Addiction. I have undergone a brief research on the effectiveness and proficiency of this factor to all facet of life and it would be wise to instill in to our own ability to excel in life and career pursuit. We need to understand that many people have become addicted to almost everything they lived with ranging from mobile phones, to social activities, to social media, etc. Several have been negatively influenced based on their exposition to life threatening actions such as drug abuse, theft, etc. It is paramount as individuals to get addicted to things that can be of added value to our life pursuit rather than exploring it for negative and evil intentions.

When you are addicted to positive learning, you will not only improve on your orientation but you will always be in constant update about every aspect of life ranging from education to politics to science and technology, health hazard, etc. This will not only affect our ability to influence people around us, we will subsequently become a role model for future generations.



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