Born to Rule

born to rule
You are made a ruler

There is a difference between being born to rule and born to exist. Humans were born to rule but there was an issue which was caused by disobedience. This led to the existence of every man being born into slavery. Born into slavery is synonymous to being born of sin. It is the will of our Creator to give unto us the earth as a dominion to rule and subdue but man threw all that away for a bite. The original plan of God was to give unto us the kingdom and that was why, in his earthly ministry, he preached about the kingdom in parables.

  The issue faced by man, is that, they have lost the ability to influence their territory, they have lost both the authority over terrestrial and celestial beings. We are not at the category of Angels, we are born in the image of a King and therefore are kings in that regard. The truth is we are not in control of ourselves; it is either you are control by the kingdom of darkness or by the kingdom of Light. Two Kingdoms exist in time and God expects us to make the right decision by coming over to the side of light.

How will you deduce, if you are born to rule? The truth is first, you must discover who you are created to be. It is impossible for man who was supposed to govern a city but then dwell among the subjects to know that he was born to rule. The ability to rule lies in the discovery of the King (God Almighty). Several believes that God exist but that is where it stops. There is no relationship with this God, how then can you inherit your inheritance when you are not of him, neither does He know you.

Sin is the parasite by which the enemy (The Devil) rule lives. When you go into sin, the enemy can control your emotions and will, you will find yourself engaging in things that are not worthy of a King. The way out of this predicament, is to surrender completely unto God. You must switch kingdoms. The word of the Lord said, ‘we shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto us’, such statement is only meant for those in the Kingdom of God.

A king is dressed in several things, a crown, a staff, a royal apparel, a royal shoe, subjects, etc. I will give a brief explanation of these features mentioned of a King to understand vividly was we are missing in the Kingdom.

A Crown: it represents your glory. When Jesus was born, the three wise men from the east saw the star in the sky. You are born with a glory and it is not hidden to spiritual forces but to you. That crown you bear is a target for the enemy and he will stop at nothing to ensure that you don’t manifest it. If you are of the Kingdom of God, you will manifest it at the due time.

A staff: It is the authority handed unto man in the garden of Eden. We were commanded to subdue and have dominion and that have been handed unto us, but it was lost and can only be recovered when the discover Christ. Christ is that authority.

A royal apparel: it represents the king’s favor upon man. Everyone who is of the kingdom is given a unique attribute that is working for him alone and no one else.

A royal shoe: Possession of territories. It is having command over your territory. Every individual is honored in his domain and is meant to rule over that area.

Subjects: These are the angels given unto you by the King. You only have access to this, if you are of the kingdom.

You are not born to be a slave to others but to be a king in your territory. This is the will of God for his people and it is essential that will rule our world because we were meant to rule the earth. This present earth is already contaminated by sin and therefore will not be able to reach the full potential that is ordained for us by God, however, a new heaven and a new earth which shall be brought down from heaven will replace this perishable one and then we will establish our authority as Kings.

In this current earth, to rule you must be in the kingdom of God and to do that you must surrender completely unto the King of kings and allow the Governor (The Holy Spirit) of the Kingdom to direct the affairs of your life.

If you are in Christ, you are expected to rule and if you aren’t then get the wisdom, make the necessary amends and start ruling your world.


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