Career is simply an act of undertaking a profession over a period of time. When we look at the world today and how it clamor for expertise in different field of study, we could infer that this subject has a vital role to play in bring adequate and continuous development to the society.
Every individual is phased with development, which is subject to mental alertness and that can be achieved by proper exposition to various theories and concepts of existence. To venture into a career, there are various facts that must be considered and highlighted to ensure that a person is capable of delving into it.

The following points below would elaborate vividly on it:
Why am I choosing this course?: I have noticed with several institutions, that they lack the insight on reviewing the aspect of choice when a student is about taking up a course. There are several factors that would determine his or her choice and will give such an individual a clearer view on such a course both presently and for career purposes. You must have a background knowledge of the course you about to apply for, what is your passion towards such a course, how will you improve the global world when called upon in this profession? , Is it something you can go on to build a career on? , Is my parent making this decision for me?. All these questions and much more must be recieve proper and positive criticism, weighing both the pros and cons, before you say “I do”.
How do I start in such a course?: it is paramount for every student to understand deeply what this question entails. It requires perturbation, passion and desire to arrive at the right solution. It should also be noted that the solution to this question, is build systematically from the first day at school till you become an expertise in that field. To do this, you must first, approach course advisors on how to get off to a good start specifically with your cumulative grade, subsequently, approach the lectures attached to your course and subject area, if possible, meet with the HOD or a subordinate, some that can give you a broad view about your area and instill academic drive in you for success. Other than this, you need to be a friend to the library, you must give in to reading and studying, this helps you in expanding your mental faculty and assimilation, which gives you an edge over other students. Download pdf and document files on that course, have a study partner that is better than you and or a good motivator for academic excellence.
Be acquainted with excellence: When you are able to perfect the two above points, you need to build up your excellent capabilities, by seeking out a competitor not on the negative aspect but to set a bar for success. You must try to also improve your level of assimilation and how to control your emotions during a tough task or assignment. Learn also to surround yourself with positive minds, people with the same initiative for success and development.
Keep on learning: Regardless of your position in an organization, you need to keep on. There are improvements and newly discoveries in your field and you must be quick to grasp and get in line with them. The internet is a good source for information.
Maturity and Responsibility: It takes a mature mind to make up a decision, setting his or her goals aright for career development or career pursuit as the case maybe. When you undergo several stages in career development, you become more relaxed, confident of taking decision, better team leader and follower, a good listener and that subsequently improve your act of responsibility.

Looking at these points mentioned above, we could see that career is inevitable in the society, it determines how we live and combat life challenges, it might actually makes us impotent when we fail to stop developing. Remember when a man stops learning or in pursuit of purpose, then such a person could be infer to be a ‘living corpse‘.

If you are yet to start off, it is important to go through these points aforementioned, while you have started off your career, try to find the ‘band gaps’, generate new ideas of how to progress, if you notice that you ain’t developing in your place of work, look ahead and get another.
The journey continues…


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