November 6, 2015
by David


Cleanliness is basically to be clean or neat. In this context, we are referring to how children are brought up, the environment they dwell, the kind of wears and facilities they are exposed to.

Growth was defined by the dictionary, as a progressive development can be hampered in infants when this virtue is missing. Before a couple begins to produce offspring, they must be aware of the environment they live, how tidy it is and conducive from the incoming fetus.

After considering the environment, they must consider the facilities that will be used, how clean it is in order to prevent disease or unwanted sickness for the child or children.

When we examine how hospitals attend to their patience, they make use of new or sterilized medical equipment, this system should also be abducted by parents especially the mother and those to assist in caring for the newly born or growing children.

There factors that must be considered when referring to cleanliness, they are:

  • The Environment: The surrounding where a child is brought up contributes enormously to their development.
  • The facility: This includes the equipment like bath Basin, napkin, feeding bottle, etc. They should be made clean and check at all times to avoid infections.
  • The parent: In this case, the mother is the closest to the baby, and she must be clean at all time to prevent infection on her, thereby transferring to it the child.i.e breastfeeding.
  • Please I employ parents to take good care of their child development through proper clean up of everything around them.


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