The act of self-control is something beyond the terrestrial realm, as it involves a battle for the dominance of the soul. The point of target is the soul but the channel to it, is the flesh. I will like to explain vividly, the influence over the flesh. Who controls your flesh? It is whom you have surrendered your will to. It can be deduced even in the scripture, the works of the devil in the lives of humans as seen in the story of the man of Gadara, who was under the control of legion of demons.

Control over the flesh

The issue with who controls the soul, starts with the fact, that humans initially has no control due to the nature of their birth as the scripture denotes that ‘it is in sin, did our mother conceive us’. When we are born of sin, then it is impossible to have control over what you have lost before you gain it. It is the will of God that we should be in control over our flesh, but regardless of our newness through total submission to the will of God, we are in constant battle over who controls our flesh. This can be seen, in our daily activities, the bible says, ‘it is not goes into the body that defiles it but what comes out of it’. The last phrase indicates where the source of the control emanates, which is our thoughts. Daily, several things route through our mind, mostly evil imaginations, and that is why it is difficult for human, to control their flesh. When there is a challenge in life, they fall back on the stored imagination in their buffer, executing it, to please the desire of their flesh, however, that still doesn’t bring solution to their problems.

It is also essential to know that when the devil and other falling angels were cast into the world, they are spirit beings and therefore cannot walk the earth as humans, rather they manifest themselves by taking over the body of humans. If we investigate this verse of the scripture, ‘and the daughters of men slept with the Sons of God’, it connotes the habitation of demons on earth by bearing forth seeds of human.

Back to the subject, who controls your flesh, is it God or the devil. Remember that Jesus Christ told Peter that devil is after his soul, but HE has prayed for him. This gives us an understanding that although you have become a new creature, doesn’t mean you cannot become a prey to the devil, in fact, you become their point of focus as you are a representation of light, and they will try every medium to bring you to the dark side.

There are several media by which the devil operates in the world today, they include Drug abuse, Alcoholism, Intoxication with fashion, Desire for fame and quick wealth, Pride and Sexual desires. What do your soul yarn for, you need to check what is attractive to your flesh? To overcome, you must give yourself in to the Spirit of God. It is something I have come to understand, you can’t live a righteous life without the help of the Holy Spirit. How will you even know you aren’t progressing in error without the Spirit of TRUTH in action.




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    Wow,am impressed with the way the scripture was used to explain both the impact of spiritual/physical control over the flesh.I think prayerfulness and consciousness of things we allow to influence us may also be of help in bringing our body under subjection of the Holy Spirit.I love this writing!

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    Am blessed. Thank you

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    This is revealing, would you also advise self discipline to accompany the holy spirit, cause sometimes even the flesh makes one disobey the holy spirit

    • David

      I am glad to receive a contribution from you Deborah. Self Discipline is synonymous to Self Control which is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. You can look into the scripture in Hebrews 12 v 4, it describes the ability to resist the flesh even to the point of blood, however, if we remember when Jesus Christ prayed about letting this cup pass over him, that was the flesh trying to gain control but He said (By the Holy Spirit), “not my will but your will”. It takes one who is constantly dwelling in the secret place of the Most High to enjoy such a grace. However, it is available for everyone, but we must yield to Him (Holy Spirit).

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