Couple Relationships: truth or lies?

August 25, 2017
by David

Relationship is one of the most critical and delicate proposition today. It defines the inter-networking of a guy and a girl planning to dwell together in love, happiness and sincerity. When you are referring to relationship, it is not constrained to a guy-girl interoperability but also among parents and children, friends, business partners, etc.

With respect to the bone of contention in this articles, we will be discussing whether a relationship should be based on truth or lies. There are several communication technologies today that has hitherto contributed to the deceit of human relationship. It has been noted that there are several thoughts and questions that flows through the mind when venturing into it. A few of them will be highlighted and elaborated below:


Why am I going into this relationship?

This is basically the first question that pops up, whenever a guy walks up to a lady or a lady in turn receives a proposal. It is important for both parties to understand the set-up and the context of a relationship before delving into it. In this case, you must identify why you want to go into it, you must understand the reason your partner is interested in you, Are you really ready for this task.


What do I stand to gain in this relationship?

This is another interesting one, so many are into a relationship due to fame, wealth and social status of their partner and not because they actually care or love one another. You must endeavor to ask yourself whether you are interested in him because of his or wealth, background, etc., or do you truly and sincerely love each other.


Is this a short term or long term relationship?

This is a question that needs a critical evaluation before proceeding into the relationship. You must identify whether you are convinced that it can lead to marriage or just for pleasure and fun. Failure to identify this at the beginning can be catastrophic and consequently lead to break up.


Are we compatible with each other?

This is a question that most people engage in even without popping up the statement. Consciously or unconsciously, when we come in contact with someone we admire or like, we tend to ask questions like what’s your name? Where do you reside? What’s your favorite dish or color? Do you love going out or are you an indoor type? Many of this questions are asked concurrently, but remember it is not everyone that love being asked question repeatedly. There are several ways by which one could extract information from another. You can decide to use an event or an instance to generate it and subsequently ask the question.

Aside these listed questions, we would like to come down to the focus of this article. Are we better of telling lies to save our relationship? Or is it better we speak the truth and let it be that way.

So many individuals especially guys, do believe that ladies are subjected to accepting lies than the truth. They feel telling them the truth, will not make them a man and sometimes even when the lady knows the truth, she still prefers being lied to, based on a fact that most ladies’ likes guys that are players. Another fact is that whether you tell the truth to a lady, they will feel that you are telling a lie because they feel and assume that all guys cheat.

On the other hand, telling the truth about who you are, not telling a lie about your status or background will reflect how proud you are of yourself and neither do you feel inferior to those that says otherwise.

I will like to say this, to the ladies, guys are not born to lie, they grew up into such state. Numerous of them have been jilted in the past, faced with having similar situations around them, however, some decides they can’t stick with a partner for life. As a lady, when you ask yourself those questions highlighted above, you will be able to have a deeper insight about who you are dating or having a relationship with. Do not dwell on this assumption that all guys’ cheats or tells a lie, your way of life and attitude will attract your like towards you. Do not rush into a relationship, even when asked out by a guy, take your time before making a decision, ask for guidance and do a proper checkup on the person. For the guys, you should not expect to meet a lady in an ungodly environment and expect to get a wife, search in the right place, if you met one, be patient with her, do not rush her into making an early decision.

I will conclude by saying, if you have a mindset of people telling lies, you are not far from attracting them, but when you dwell on the truth, you will definitely attract your like.

People with like passions, attracts one another, just like a magnet.


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