November 11, 2015
by David


A record is a detailed form of a particular event or actions either in a tabular format or in a listed view.

The main essence of this, is to ensure that you have an understanding about time management.

If we look at the illustrious citizens of various parts of the world, those that have experience a perfect orderliness of chains of event and subsequently arise to the peak of their success, have always passed through this routine.

Before we can forge ahead on this development, we must first consider several factors that will enable us to effectively execute the task.

The list are stated below:

  • You need a diary: based on technological advancement, people are not conversant with holding books in bags this days. With respect to smart devices, you can purchase a mobile phone with such facility, and create a note per day such as the Evernote app on Google play store amongst several others.
  • Determination : After you have obtained a diary or an e-note, you will need to find the will to go ahead in putting down those activities at the end of the day.
  • Purpose: When venturing into it, you must first critically examine your reason for which you want to create the note. Is it on personal development, financial control, business schedules and activities, career development, etc. If you are able to decipher that, then you are ready to go ahead with your report.
  • Break report into sections: it is something easy to do, when you are compiling a report, there are several chains of event that must have transpired in a day ranging from domestic to business to social activities, try and create separate section for them (more like subsections).
  • Assess your report: At the end of the day or weekly perhaps monthly, review those statements by compare and contrast. Check to see where there’s a time lag, reasons for having such a space without doing anything. It will help you to develop your use of time judiciously.
  • Generate an inference: Make a conclusion after your assessments, score yourself based on your achievements and highlight your flaws and weakness. State ways of improving and mitigating those flaws.
  • Are you on the right track?: After a few months, probably quarterly. Check to see if you have improve on those areas you are lagging in. When you see an improvement, you will be happy with yourself and how you have developed simultaneously.
  • After acknowledging this factors, and getting set to start off. You do not need to procrastinate, getting all the required items, get your mind ready to work and get busy.


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