June 22, 2017
by David

This is a crucial part of our existence, we cannot overlook it despite the issues that has been erupting in today’s marriages. The essence of marriage is vital to the development of the earth as a whole. Several people are questioning their mindset today, towards going into marriage. Some have decided to become single MOM (mostly in the case of women), several have received harsh treatments from their spouse having been promised “heaven and earth” prior to their co-habitation. The truth of the matter is that, MOST PEOPLE HAVE MARRIED THE WRONG SPOUSE!

Let us consider these particular focus critically, by defining what ‘DANGER’, ‘MARRIAGE’ and ‘SPOUSE’ is, not that most don’t know, but for the purpose of emphasis. The word ‘DANGER’ can be described, according the dictionary as the possibility of something unwelcome or unpleasant happening, while ‘MARRIAGE’ is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman), subsequently ‘SPOUSE’ is simply defined as a husband or wife. These three factors will be further criticized purposely for the reason of creating the right recipe needed to get the solution to these current dilemmas in the society and world at large.

There are three crucial phases in the life of a man, they are The BIRTH, THE MARITAL UNION and THE EXIT. Out of these three, only one is more significant to man because it is when we get to celebrate that achievement or a new beginning/chapter in our lives. It is a very sensitive stage that is crucial to our destiny and destination. The joy of every union is to dwell in harmony with one another, however, that isn’t the case today. I will highlight below, the outbreak that escalates when a wrong spouse is knitted.

For the Women

  • Forcefully raped by their husband.
  • Beating for not obeying the commands of the husband.
  • Maltreated for suspicion of extra-marital affair.
  • Under fed by husband and unwillingness to provide for her.
  • Having the children been preferred in most cases than her.
  • Being treated as a slave or a housemaid in his husband’s house.
  • Being abandoned by the husband for another woman or lady.
  • No love or care from the husband.
  • Living like a spinster even when in matrimonial home.
  • Battling with consequences cultivated by virtue of her spouse.
  • Being denied pleasure and happiness of womanhood.

For the Men

  • No care or nonchalant attitude towards him.
  • Be forced to agree with her own decision in matters.
  • Difficulty in staying put at home often due to rash arguments and exchange of words.
  • Being controlled (mostly spiritually)
  • Sex been used as an instrument for procuring provision by his spouse.
  • Not always having her as a burden bearer or quiet listener.
  • Not feeling like the head of the house due to intimidation from his spouse.

There are lots more of these aforementioned above, but the few have highlighted is common in marriages today. It is therefore of great necessity for intending spouses to LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. It is so amazing how individuals arrive at a choice of a partner, so many of them are as follows:

  • Good look (Handsome guy, pretty and attractive lady)
  • Financially endowed (from a wealthy background, working class in a high position specifically in some narrowed down organizations)
  • Body Structure (Slim, well-built, chubby, moderate)
  • Good oral intellect (Ability to speak fluently in some languages, etc.)
  • Fashion driven
  • Introvert or Extrovert inclined
  • Origin (where you come from)
  • Character (humble, respectful, timid, eloquent, tender-hearten, kind, loving, etc.)

The most crucial aspect of marriage is not about the exquisite wedding or the glorious wealthy background you will be venturing into, but the fact that Marriage in itself, is SACRED. It is not an institution that is inducted by Man but by God Himself. The major reasons for which marriage was inaugurated are Companionship, Fruitfulness (expansion of the human race) and for figure of the END OF TIME.

The fact that you, as a person have been so careful through the proper channel of positive morality and being brought up in a well-organized home doesn’t mean you should settle for ANYONE because LIKES MUST ATTRACT LIKES. It is essential that you cultivate the habit of seeking the one that has orchestrated marriage for answers to WHOM YOUR PARTNER SHOULD BE!

Several are already into it, some are on the verge of it and some so crave to be into it, however in any category you fall into, be sure that you make the right decision before taking that WALK. So many are too optimistic about spending their lives with each other, after some few evidences of love and affection. It goes beyond that. If you are in a good marriage YOU WILL KNOW but if you are in a wrong one YOU ARE PRACTICALLY IN DANGER.



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