March 23, 2017
by David

The world is resolved around the quest for riches and subsequently fame. The vast increase in knowledge have led to inconsequential quest for acquisition of wealth at all cost. The opportunities laid down by a supreme God towards access to wealth are to be govern by rules and regulation. However, it is so pathetic nowadays that people, irrespective of their age group are at a juncture where their urge for money have taking over the other of the day. People aren’t interested in anything now, than to acquire money, wealth, riches, fame. They are ready to engage in atrocious acts, in order to fulfill their fantasies and unquenchable desires.

We need to be mindful of our perception and aspiration in life. Have we ever paused to ask questions about the need for wealth acquisitions? Its advantages and drawbacks. Have we ever, studied those with such reputation in the society and what they venture into as a result of their wealth? To be rich or wealthy is good and healthy but the addiction to it, brings about dangers to us. In this current dispensation, there are several outlets for wealth acquisition which is to a length, alarming. It is so enormous that people are been swayed away with it all, they are introduced to us in various forms and styles. Do you undergo a background check on what you venture into, or do you get involved in it, as a result of a referral either by friends, colleagues, social media or the internet. It is paramount that we are careful of all, we get involve in. Several have been drawn into the web and have been unable to escape from it, whether they are in distress or in a state of unrest.

I would love to highlighted and enumerate the current dangers these factor poses, especially when we escalate by virtue and degree of its availability in the society. We could find them listed below:

  • Derailing from Purpose: This is the first crucial point to be considered, why, because we were created to fulfill the mandate of God upon our lives. Every individual have been endowed with extraordinary gifts and talents, which is embedded in us and is bound to take effect at a point in our lives. The time to eat, study, marry, start a career, ministry, etc. All is enclosed in us for an appointed time, however, the deceitfulness of the riches of the world has clouded our mindset towards purpose. We aren’t patient any longer to await our season of rising, we are so eager to kick off our lives at a rapid growth unknown to us that we could be trying to unveil what isn’t important and necessary at that particular point in time. We lose out because we aren’t cautious of our path of destiny rather we are eager to become a success at the expense of fulfilling destiny.
  • Untimely Exit from the World: It could look strange to several that how is it possible for one to be eliminated suddenly from the earth due to acquiring wealth and riches. The concept behind wealth acquisition lies in the ability to manage the available resources wisely. It is a pity, that not many who has enormous wealth, have inculcated the necessary wisdom to manage them. They in turn, engage in illicit behavior, using the amassed resources for unnecessary engagement and event, possessions amongst many other things. Such could lead to jealousy from internal and external sources which could led to a coup that eventually result in the sudden exit of the wealth owner.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: There have been several things stated on health matters as a result of abuse of drugs, supplements, alcohol, body ornaments/cosmetics, etc. When there is surplus of resources, it could be turned towards the irresistible and addictive use of all aforementioned features. It could led to the creation of anomaly in the body system leading to system breakdown, inability of the white blood cells to defend the body, body deformity and sexual inactiveness, etc. Subsequently, this factor can also be imbibed by children and surrounded personnel leading to the degradation of purposeful lives.
  • Pride and Abuse of Office: There is always a sense of status placed on surrounded personnel by virtue of acquired wealth and resources. It can lead to abuse of office, bringing about nonchalant attitudes towards subordinate or seeing them as inferior to you in status. This particular factor could lead to an exponential retardation in the journey of life and subsequently bring about a fall from grace to grass.


From the highlighted points above, we could see that a reality check must be implemented on our thirst and desire for wealth and fame acquisition. Prior to the aforementioned points, it was stated categorically that wealth is good but must be allowed it’s time of exploration and during such period, every individual would have discovered purpose for which such wealth is been effected and also must have acquired the right virtues needed to use appropriately.

Please, I advise that you seek the right thing at the right time, do not look at the wealth of others but await your own time to blossom. Some became rich at a tender age, either due to their background while was at a later stage in life.







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