delayed flight

Every situation and challenges undergone by individuals across the globe can be traced to such a factor, which will be discussed extensively in this article. Before we proceed further, it is of great importance to give a clear definition of what delay is all about. Delay can be described as a period of time by which something  is late or postponed. This particular topic might look bizarre to others, when considering the good and bad side of it, several will go on to criticize such a theory but I can assure you that there are two sides to it.

However, it is of great importance to vividly look at the well known aspect of it, which is the negative aspect. Delay as we have been notified in our definition, describes lateness or slowness of action towards an objective. People are conversant with this aspect of life, because most of their failures in achieving successes can be attributed to it. Let’s consider a scenario, When a woman is married to her husband, it is expected that there will be delivery of offspring much afterwards, but several cases have been recorded over time of how
child bearing or pregnancy have been extended due to natural and supernatural effect, some could be as a result of their past lifestyles (which can traced both in the Man likewise), specifically in sexual intimacy with an unknown source (being unaware of their sexual status), some also occurs as a result of exposure to contaminating elements (such as poisonous foods, gas exhaustion, lack of balanced diet, etc).This elaborates the physical and biological aspect. Subsequently, considering the spiritual effect, these is basically unseen powers of the wicked one traced through multiple paths of human endeavor. The good aspect of delay, can be seen in several occasions in the scripture and also in the world today, there are multiple characters who have undergone delay in one or more area of life due to the unforeseen dangers that looms and have been protected from it through the postponement of their solutions to a later date, characters like Abraham, Hannah, Elizabeth, Manoah (child bearing), Joseph, David, Moses, Jacob (Leadership position), Woman with the issue of blood, the Man at the riverside, Lazarus (Demonic Oppression), etc.

Delay can be used by God to erase evil intentions of the wicked ones from the fulfillment of destiny, the devil also understands that when a man’s goal is delayed, such a person might never attain his position in life. When you live a godly life and solely rely on God for divine assistance, do not be weary when your request is halted or postponed, push on, keep on reminding God of His promises and He will show forth in your situation at the set time. However, for those undergoing attack from the evil ones, you need to know your God, draw closer to Him and see how your situation receives a turnaround.




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