November 1, 2017
by David

Humans has achieved their objectives on earth due to engaging in positive thinking and values. However, the situation has changed and their mind have been swayed by worldly desires. They have placed their priority on adventurous acts, they are no more interested in doing things the right way anymore. They don’t feel uncomfortable going into such acts rather they feel fulfilled afterwards, saying to themselves “I am having the fun of my life”.

Engage the mind in positive things

This has become an issue today because from children to adults, they have lost focus of destiny, they are not even preparing any longer to attain a height in life, they are living for now. Why is it that such has become the order of the day? People have become lovers of themselves than lovers of God, they are only interested in what will please them rather than what will instruct and correct them. For how long are we going to dwell in obscurity? When are, we going to realize that the path we have chosen, is totally different from where we are looking forward to. All that has been fashioned by men comes from the heart. Why do we find it difficult to engage in positive things? The answer is in us; we have surrendered our thoughts to the desire of the flesh. This is evidence in humans finding it easy to do unethical things rather than things that edifies the soul. The scripture says “guide your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life”, when our minds are set on things on earth (made of clay, wood and earth); destructible things, we could infer that we are yet to grasp the purpose for which we are created.

Several individuals do not have the yarning for hard work any longer, pegging it about things around them or that which is currently existing in their country of residence. We must look beyond the situation and face the fact that we have a destiny to fulfill. The mind of the enemy is to take us far away from our goal (God’s destined will for man and making Heaven) in life, and that is why is mission was stated clearly for us to be aware of his devices (The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy) and that aspect of target is the soul. It is very important that we consider our ways today, neglect the past habits and association and surrender completely to the Spirit of God to take control of our thoughts and intentions. For instance, when you see a man that is always drawn by lust towards women (of all ages) or vice-versa, constant addiction of it will lead such into masturbation, rape and perhaps unthinkable things.

What are the ways to follow in ensuring that we engage the mind in positive things?

  • The Eye should be restricted to unwanted Images.
  • The tongue must be curbed from engaging in negative speeches.
  • The mind must be fixed on the right things through meditation on God’s word.
  • We must engage God in prayers always to overcome the wiles of the devil.
  • We must desist or restrain from dubious or unclear activities.
  • Stay aware from unfriendly friends.
  • Let your focus be on fulfilling destiny.
  • Always know that the mind is a battle ground.

When you follow the conditions and features stated above and be cautious of your lifestyle, you will end up eliminating completely your mind towards earthy things and be fully focused on divine objective.



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