November 16, 2017
by David

Focus is a key word in everyday activities; to be successful requires such an action. Human activities circumnavigate around it and several have engaged in it, to derive their goals and objectives in life. This brings me to the question of view, what exactly is the purpose of man? The truth of the answer, is that, many do, some think they do while many are still in search of it. To every man who desire to have a good end to purpose, such must cultivate the virtue called focus. I pondered on this a while ago, and decided to give intensively the perception of men towards it. As mentioned in the topic, two inference occurs because of an applied focus they are development and retrogression.

Development: With respect to the application of focus to life purpose, several have done significantly well in ensuring that they utilize effectively this virtue, by positively directing their intention to meaningful and productive phenomena. When an individual, seeks to become an expertise in life (area of professions), there are guidelines to consider and follow, to get to the height. Development is a systematic advancement in an objective, leading to achieving a goal. There are various types of development, ranging from physical, spiritual, financial and career. It is important that man applies focus as they develop into life purpose. It is good to channel all our effort into the right things, get materials that can aid our development, research on people of like minds, engage in forum and symposiums that provides an avenue for learning and most importantly depend on God for guidance.

Retrogression: The rate of decline of purpose in the life of individuals is becoming a thing of concern. There have been numerous people with a vision of success, who have started out well but derailed from the path, only to be focused on things of mediocrity which can destroy their orientation about a fulfilled life. Many have decided to follow wrong advices and steps through external influence, they become static in critical thinking and lack the passion to ever be productive again in life. Such people end up giving up on life either by committing suicide or living the rest of their lives in abject anxiety. The truth about life, is that, if one fails to be positively driven such will end affected negatively.

Focus is the genealogy of a successful and productive objective. Man, is to decide which of the paths to follow, there might be several channels to make a choice, but the end falls under two aspect (Development and Retrogression).

WHAT IS INDEED YOUR FOCUS IN LIFE? Many have done the needful but some have cling to the woeful. Learn to focus on the right things that can benefit you to the end and not in things that can be lost at any point in time.



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