Focus or indecison

        Focus and Indecision are two variables that have a way of restructuring the goals of an individual. Both are influential in assuring a man is either deployed or displaced. When we look at our aim, which is towards the pathway of destiny. We could infer, that every aspect and juncture of an individual from infancy to adulthood, lies in these two key words. Without further ado, let us give a description to both entities as we seek to establish its influence on man.

Let us look at the first key word, Focus. What does it mean from the human point of view? Focus is the center of interest or activity. It is the motion that drives an individual into producing a result or an achievement. On the other hand, Indecision is the inability of an individual to make the right choice in any given circumstances. These two variables have always dictated the fate of a man. We are in the new year already and even at this point of the year, so many are yet to set their mind on a target. They have laid down their curtain and just breezing along with the wind of each day. They have allowed the condition of their environment to control their perception of living. There are two ways set before us and this article is aimed at given us a clear understanding that it is either you implement this variable or the other. There are so many opportunities that will be opened to us, in the first quarter of the year, how many will key into it. Only those that are focus will be able to envisage where the treasure lies. There is always a stumbling block on such occasions and that is indecision to make a step. There are several people, in the previous year, who had an advantage to progress in the line of business or to procure a property as part of their achievement for the year but they kept on postponing it until it was never implemented.

Now, let us be frank with purpose, we are referring to these variables because it determines how fast and effective, we would be in realizing our goal in life. Several humans have failed in destiny because they have either undermine their strength or decide to channel their effort in a wrong destination. Every destiny is fixed on a destination. To be focus, requires maximum attention and such is needed all through life endeavor.

You cannot arrive right, if you have delayed in taking the right step or perhaps decided to fold your hands and let things slip off your way. It is time to be brave in making decisions. Look at the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Do not be afraid to seek out those that have been involved in such line of business or opportunity. Learn to listen to ideas and manner of approaching. There will always be obstacles even focused on your goal.

To become fulfilled in life, you need to shed away all forms of indecision and embrace focus.


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