August 23, 2018
by David
Given up not an option

Given up is not n option

How will a human with breath within him or her, decides to give up on life because of situations and circumstances. The truth must be told that committing suicide due to an owned debt or based on a distorted or shamble foundation is not the way to go about life. It might also interest you to know that several put the blame on others for their mistakes instead of looking for the solution to their predicament. Given up shouldn’t be acceptable in our world but it has suddenly become the other of the day! As we could see in the life of each aged groups. Looking at the area of relationship, some have given up on finding true love while others felt it never exist. Why would you say so, when there is indeed love within us? Taking into consideration, the connection between a Mother and a child, that undivided and passionate love which emanates despite the pains during conception. Some have given up, that they can never find a good man again or a good woman which is not true. Such perception, would never allow such individuals to discover true love or even realize that what they seek, is right before them. Several have been looking for jobs, moving with their curriculum vitae from one point of location to another, even at the point of looking for a job outside their field of study or with no relation to their academic background. The truth is life is a misery, when children grew up in their parent’s house, and all is being provided for them, they do not understand the tussle and sleepless thoughts and actions, sacrifices, it took them to achieve that with hard work and God’s favor. Given up is been ungrateful for being kept alive by God, it is a way of saying, “God you wouldn’t have created me in the first place”. It is a wrong notion which must be curbed in the heart of men, else they would end up in oblivion and obscurity.

What is the way forward, if given up is not an option? It is very simple due not rely on your understanding and the dictates of the past to judge your present and the unforeseen future. Some will say, there’s nothing else left for me in this world. Says who? You or the people around you? Circumstances? Let us be wise, for no man can create anything of his own, if not given to him by God. There is a saying that lies in the scripture, “The earnest expectation of the world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God”. You can’t give up, when you aren’t the owner of your existence, you can’t give up because what you think is your end, is your beginning. Look at this simple fact, there are several wealthy and noble men and women, who has power and fame but they have exited the world at times never imagined to be by the world but you in your small zone, is kept alive to know that you can make it. Have you had of destiny? It is not a function of your current state but the end of your success story on earth. If you say, you have given up, look at this scenario, a man who felt that after eight years of seeking for a job, abandoned by his wife and then left alone far away from home due to the shame, decides to hang himself and at that point of hanging himself, passes a beggar, who vividly request that he passes him his worn-out shoes and belt and even the cloths his putting on as he doesn’t have anything but a loin around his waist. Then, it dropped into the heart of the dying man, that of someone is even appreciative enough to want what he has, then he shouldn’t think of given up now.

There have been cases of people jumping of the roof of their house, people drowning in the sea, people eating up poison or even requesting for a death injection. It is time for you to look up to the one that have created you, ask him to take away such notion from your lives, ask him to put upon you his life and let Him lighten your burden. He will do it, if you are sincere to your supplication unto Him.


Our very present help in times of need…. JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD


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