November 27, 2015
by David

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This short article is aligned to the academia, people with passion for learning and excellence. No matter the profession or course you choose to study at school, endeavor to take up a leadership position. I was once in that scenario, where I was to become the acting president of my department but with proper research, looking at the long term importance, even in my career, I decided to take up the role and I never regretted it at the end of my tenure.
When we engage in discussion regarding growing a leader’s heart, it requires a lot of confidence in delivering a task or objectives to the best of your ability, seeking out assistance from past leaders in that role, look towards having a mentor to guide you towards achieving your goal for that year, be open to suggestions, learning, and advise. Engage yourselves in studying books on leadership, how to manage groups of people, how to be well organized, taking the right step, etc.
All these and much more will allow you to excel in your academics and career pursuit. It doesn’t matter how little the position might be, but remember do not take up a position in a negative society because that will not only tarnish your reputation but could leave a long lasting dent on once ability to succeed in life.
A little advice to those coming up, regardless of whether you are a shy person or not. Try and build confidence from a little gathering, like a classroom setting, ask questions, get yourself acquitted meeting people. All these will allow you to build that leadership heart and you will find out how relevant it will be to you even in future ambitions.


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