September 27, 2016
by David


A career evolution begins with a solid foundation, having being enlightened with the basic concepts of education. It has been well-defined over the centuries, the importance of education to a society, which enables an individual to internetwork with another across the globe. On the proposed subject, emphasis is staged on the ‘finished line’ of a crucial heavenly race of a Christian pilgrim.

  Heaven is the dwelling place of God Almighty, a place of unfathomable experience beyond human reasoning. A place of righteousness, void of sin, anxiety and reproach. A celestial realm where the four representative of God’s creation, the twenty-four elders and the host of angels, acknowledges the One that is and was and is to come. It is a glorious city, a place that can’t be attained by any mortal vessel.

 I would likened, the journey of a man (mortal) to a JOB RECRUITING PROCESS which takes place in an organization. It is well notified that most organization in the world today, places job adverts on various technological sources notably, social networks, recruitment job portals, company’s websites for various job positions with weight on resume, job description, date of job advert closure, etc. Take a look at this scenario, people of various ethnicity, race, background, social status fits into the characters (the jobless, hopeless, lifeless, the condemned). They are all out with their resumes, desperately in search for work (services unto God). Suddenly, there came an opportunity to every career prospects and fortunately for them all, it was advertised (through salvation) by several sources including the TV outlets, Social Media resources, Newspaper vendors, radio stations, etc. It came to a point, that the CEO of the organization (JESUS CHRIST) came to make a public announcement with respect to the employment opportunities. He says “Come unto me, all you that labors and heavy laden, I will give you rest for your soul”. It implies, you don’t need a referee, no experience, irrespective of age, whether there’s an outlet for submission of document online or not, the job is available! (Salvation is for all).

 Everyone in need of a job (comfort, rest, hope, peace, freedom from the power of darkness, generational curses, ancestral spirits, etc.) came to the venue for the recruitment preliminary, submitted their documents (seeking redemption) as requested. They were also waiting patiently for their interviews, it was a really large crowd, after an hour, they were informed vividly by a human resource agent (An angel of God), and that there will be no need for an interview. Due to curiosity, they ask, People said ‘but why, how come?’ and he replied them saying ‘Jesus Christ, the son of the most high God, has redeemed you by His blood, on the cross of Calvary’ and quoted Him saying ‘it is finished’. The people were perplexed, they burst out on the streets, singing praises unto God, for such a privilege. Several of them said “you mean no more worries?” another said “I am delivered from the power of sin and demons” and they went home rejoicing.

They were also informed, that training will commence subsequently, to get accustom with their various duties (services unto God, church and humanity (winning of lost souls)). They resumed the following week, all in a cheerful mood, as they begin to learn. It was revealed, on that faithful day, that they will be integrated into learning by a single tutor (THE HOLY SPIRIT) throughout the process of study and subsequent training as they climb the ladder of success (Glory to Glory, Grace to Grace). There were several topics to be considered, they include, Knowing Jesus Christ, Sanctification, Overcoming the battles of life, Living in faith, perseverance in tribulation, Hope, How to win souls, The power of the HOLY SPIRIT, Holy Living, Heaven and eternal rewards, etc.

After undergoing several trainings, they were slotted into different departments (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers) and other sub departments such as Deacons, Deaconesses, Elders, Choir, Ushers, Welfare unit, etc. It is expected of them, to give a feedback to the Head of Department (appointed by the Holy Spirit) who will draft an appraisal on their behalf, and will be simultaneously conveyed to the CEO (JESUS CHRIST) of the organization. Yearly or quarterly, tests and examinations (trials and tribulations) are been conducted with several examination officers (Angels of God) at each location (the world). The papers will be marked by the Human Resource Manager (THE TRINITY), results and achievements (bearing of fruits, growing in the spirit, soul winning) are recorded and promotions (increase in faith, power, grace and glory) are instilled.

At the end of their career depending on age limitation (e.g. 35 – 40 years in service), in God’s agenda (Call to glory, the Rapture), rewards for accomplishments are given. It could be based on pension, gifts, honorarium, etc., but in God’s sight (the judgment of the saints), it entails given out of crowns (crown of life, crown of glory, crown of victory, crown of rejoicing, etc.) with stars (according to the measure of your works towards HIS will), after retirement from service (A resting place with God in Heaven).

Everything that takes place here on earth, regarding our work practices will also be replicated in the spiritual realm. Are you working in the house of God, for others to notice your involvement? Do you deceive yourself and others with been late to work (CHURCH SERVICES)?

 Remember, as the scripture says “Every works of your hands and the intent of your heart shall be judged”, also Our work here on earth shall be tested with fire, if you are faithful in your circular duties, ensure to be extremely faithful in your work with God.



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