November 3, 2015
by David

“The future of a man lies in his ability to recognize his true potential embedded in him” by Denidavito

“Achievement is the mother of fulfillment, when you have achieved in life, the world says you are fulfilled” by Denidavito

“A clear understanding of purpose, undermines your ability to pursue and arrive at the top ” by Denidavito

” Time is an essence of life.  When a man fails to take cognizance of it, he looses his ability to succeed” by Denidavito

“Any little chance you have to make a difference, do it, do not procrastinate because there are numerous out there very eager to do same.”by Denidavito

“Do not be too busy chasing your desires, while your important needs are left unattended to.”by Denidavito

“Your current state in life isn’t as a result of your past, but how you have fashioned your mind to believe so.”by Denidavito

“Our uniqueness as an individual is evident in our DNAs, which shows we are all specially created for a specific reason.”by Denidavito

“Great inventors are not described by their popularity but by their will to make a difference.”by Denidavito
“Life purpose is like a track race, when you start, endeavor to keep to your lane, beware of disqualification, do not run another person’s race.”by Denidavito

“Adventure is what people perceive life to be, catching of fun, but I put it to you, life is an adventure, only those that have in depth understanding will see it through and end well.”by Denidavito

“Do not wait to recieve at all times, be ready to spend including your time, resources, finance, talent. Engage in the law of impactation.”by Denidavito


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