November 8, 2018
by David

Man can be described as a substance dwelling within a vessel. The general truth about man is that he is unpredictable. The outer appearance does not depict the personality of that individual, in most cases, the opposite. Who then can we describe a man to be? Man has been seen evolving in terms of relationship with another and their environment and to situation that erupts around them. Let us look at this part of man, knowing fully well that they don’t live forever as in the case of mortality. When we look at an individual, that is seen today, having spent years on earth and then leaves the world, such a person is not seen again neither his personality. However, do you know that Man is much more than the few years spent on earth? The part that is not seen again, is the vessel known as the Container, which is visible to man but as soon as Man exit the world, the soul (Content), is kept and is subject to live forever.

Man, Container or Content

Man: Container or Content

I will like to breakdown, the analysis of Man. Let us consider the physical presence of a man which signifies the Body, now consider the voice of a man even through a medium or across a room, you can still identify that he or she is the one, this represents the Soul, now remember that when you lay to sleep at night, your Body and Soul is muted or in a state of kinetic but you are still alive, that is because you are sustained by the breath in you, which signifies the Spirit.

I will like to go briefly into the scripture, to further draw my inference. It was said in the first book of the Holy Bible, that God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into him, the breath of life and Man became a living soul. That shows the tripartite nature of man. When a man dies, few moments later, he swells up because that which keeps all within intact (the Spirit) is gone and then we see the maggots eating up the flesh from within. This is a mystery that is only known by God Almighty. When you say you know this guy or this lady or your spouse or friend, you aren’t referring to the outer appearance rather to the stuff he or she is made of (embedded in the Soul).

Let me reveal this mystery to us, if some already hasn’t known already that the hierarchy in the activity process of man, starts with the Spirit, the Soul and then the Body. I will go deeper, whenever Man slept, it is known to most, if not all, that they transcend the seen world to the unseen world (dreams). The unseen world is a world that is only accessed by Spirit beings of which Man isn’t exempted. You could see examples of people visiting places or visualizing themselves in places that they never thought of going to or perhaps in an alternative or reverse state, drawing back to an early life on earth or activities already done but have been long forgotten. Majority of what transpires in that realm is a pre-activity for each day. Everything that happens during the day has already been executed in the other realm. It is so conspicuous that all that happens for each day has already been determined before the day. Look at this scripture, Psalm 139 verse 16, it says “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in the book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”. The scripture says it all about the fact that every day of our lives as been predetermined in the spirit realm before we live in it. Just as I mentioned earlier about the order of hierarchy, the Soul is then very crucial to the activity of the body. It is synonymous to the ongoing development in Artificial Intelligence, Edge and Cloud Computing as well as Data communication. If we consider, the activity of a Robot we would see that every of its movement and judgement, are controlled by codes and chips. This is same for the Soul which is the mind of the body, whatever we do, is because of processed information by the Soul. We are a product of our imagination and thoughts. Let me use a scripture, to draw my point again, the scripture in Genesis 1 verse 26 which reads “Let us make man in our own image…” that is a thought, a proposition which was then put into action. Now, the turn of the Body, it is practically a molded structure with a design orchestrated by the Porter with several hardware functionalities to execute a task. This aspect of the robot can be confiscated because the brain of the system can be transferred into another Robot. The same can be said of the body. Let us look at the scripture again, Matthew 7 verse 19, “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire”. This shows that there’s less importance on the body, however, it is a part of Man.

Based on the enumeration above, regarding the preference or perception of people towards that aspect of Man. It is essential to know that much care and attention is needed to be given to the Content than the Container.

The Container (mortal, perishable) would be disposed and the content (immortal, longevity) will be available for other activities.


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