November 29, 2017
by David

Morality and righteousness are two different entities which have been misquoted or misunderstood in our age today. Both parameters are essential to the development of man on earth, it aids the ability to be at peace with all men and to maintain the right standard with God. I will explain the difference between morality and righteousness. First, Morality is the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior or we can simply say, it is entails system of values and conduct. This phenomenon has been created in Man by God (the freedom of expression and action, it is therefore, a decision of doing the right or the wrong thing. We could deduce vividly that the world system is govern by laws and regulations which has been duly earmark by constituents to ensure there is a smooth run of activity in that region or country. Humans who engage themselves in moral acts are simply reflecting the nature of man in them and they could decide against all odds to sticky to principles they have imbibed over time. Now, looking at righteousness, it is known as the quality of being morally right and justifiable. The definition given by the dictionary, depicts that righteousness is not of this world but of God. The scripture said “until our righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, you shall in no way enter into the Kingdom of God”. God has instructed us to live Holy and we cannot do his will without exhibiting or living right. I have heard over the years, that people find it difficult to live right while some others, felt it is totally impossible for any man to live continuously, a righteous life. I put it to you, that is very possible for man to live right with God and several are doing so today, however, we should also recognize the fact, that without the grace of God, no man can live right.

What are the features of Morality?

  • Obedience to the rules and regulation of the society or country.
  • Abstaining from known consequences.
  • Following instructions laid down by Parent.
  • Seeking to avoid conflict with fellow human.
  • Understanding a lifestyle and taking the decision that protects your dignity and integrity.

What are the features of Righteousness?

  • The Holy Spirit.
  • Doing the will of God.
  • Living with consciousness of eternity.
  • Staying away from every appearance of sin.
  • Living the Word of God.

These few features mentioned on morality and righteousness are to be examined critically. We as humans, can be living morally and not righteously, however, it is paramount that we do both. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.

To achieve purpose in life, we must be in tune with the mandate of God upon our lives and uphold the integrity of our origin. We cannot afford to fail God, because we have been given a great assignment to achieve here on earth. Every single soul on earth belongs to God, but every individual will make that decision of living morally or righteously or both. It is essential we choose wisely, because our decision determines our development and subsequently our fulfillment of purpose.



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