Nigerian Cry Out…

July 13, 2016
by David

Nigerians Cry Out!
We the children of this great nation seek out for the glory bestowed on it from the time of independence. Nigerians Cry out!
The key areas of enterprise (education and Oil) have become underwhelmed over the years. Nigerians Cry out!
Several violence have erupted and have gone unanswered to, which has brought about God’s wrath upon the nation. Nigerians Cry out!
Teenagers are roaming around the streets of various cities of this great nation, without a thought about their morrow. Nigerians Cry out!
Most of the established orphanage for the fatherless and motherless have diminished in quality assurance and equipment, that is if there’s any. Nigerians Cry out!
Youths are in disarray, filled with rage of unemployment yet still in starvation over shelter and food. Nigerians Cry out!
We have always bring forth graduates in various universities and polytechnics, yet we are restricted by experience from companies. Nigerians Cry out!
Several individuals have been without an aid for several years, went through the difficulty of sending themselves to school for academic pursuit yet are out still thinking of how to survive. Nigerians Cry out!
There are several amenities specifically with relation to a healthy lifestyle, hospitals are limited with the required equipment for operations, and yet patience finds it difficult to get a treatment. Nigerians Cry out!
The educational system of the 80s cannot be compared with what we have currently, in the sense that current graduates are in capable of standing on their own as an employer of labor. Nigerians Cry out!
There are several who have been limited due to education and finance empowerment but with various insights and vision for development.Nigerians Cry out!

Several people that should have gone to a higher level (marriage, postgraduate education, child bearing) could not do so, due to insufficient or no capital for it. Nigerians Cry out!
The drastic rise in inflation of good and services and devaluation of Naira has stalled several investors from establishment leading to eradication of employees and retention. Nigerians Cry out!
If we have noticed there are several blood shed in various part of the country that could generate curses for such an environment and the people there. Nigerians Cry out!
Several have neglected their faith in search for fame and riches due to present situations emanating around the nation. Nigerians Cry out!

I employ us all, with one voice, unity of heart, neglecting our differences in ethnicity to join hands and cry out to the KING OF KINGS for mercy and revival in all areas and sectors of this great nation.
                                                                Nigerians Cry out!!!

By Dewale Ayinla


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