Old Nature of Man

March 19, 2019
by David
old nature

Old nature of Man

When we are trying to expound the knowledge about the ‘old nature of man’, it is essential to look at the words apart being tutored. Nature according to the dictionary, simply means, the basic or inherent feature of something or someone. A sermon was going on, when this phrase dropped into my subconscious, and I knew right there, that God wanted me to elaborate on it.

When we look at the Old Nature, it can be referred to the first Man and woman created, Adam and Eve. The scripture made it clear, that Adam was formed out of the dust of the ground, however, when God breathed into Man, there was a release of his nature into Man. A part of God was added to Man, and that was ‘we are called gods, sons of the most High’. Now, the old nature was without fault or blemish as seen with God’s relationship with Man, in the garden of Eden but Man disobeyed the command of God and that created the ‘old nature’. The old nature can be explained as the sinful acts cultivated by Man during their disobedience unto God.

The scripture says in Genesis 6 verse 5, ‘And GOD saw the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart, is evil continually’. That scripture summarizes the Old nature, it is an embodiment of evil imagination. It is impossible for anyone with such a nature, to please God because God cannot behold iniquity. It is essential for us to know that the coming of Jesus Christ, was the beginning of the new nature of Man. Jesus was the last Adam, a perfect sinless man, who was born in sin but was without sin. The old nature persists continually in Man except such have surrendered completely to God (by first acknowledging the fact, he is of the old nature and that Jesus Christ is the one to grant him or her, the new life).

I will also like to share this knowledge about the truth of God’s word, except you have genuinely been convicted of your sin by the Holy Spirit of GOD and has accepted God through the baptism by immersion of the Holy Spirit, you are not yet a Christian. Several who are born into a Christian home felt they already have automatic salvation, it is totally a lie from the pit of hell, there must be an awakening of the spirit man, to the call of the Spirit unto repentance of Sin. It is essential to have the knowledge of whom, you are surrendering your life unto, before making the confession and accepting Him. Therefore, if you do not have that conviction that you are saved, then ensure you ask God to reveal Himself to you. There’s a reason, why it is termed the old nature (the flesh nature), and the scripture said, ‘He that walks in the flesh, cannot fulfill the mandate of the Spirit’.

For you to know that you are off the Old nature, the difference will be in your life style, the way you talk, address, relate, everything will change.2 Corinthians 5 verse 17, says ‘If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature (nature), old things (nature) have passed away and behold, all things have become new’.

The Old nature is subject to the works of the flesh, and therefore is susceptible to demons and the devil. If you look at the world and their activities been generated daily, you could infer, that some people will say ‘I don’t know why I did this’ or ‘what came over me’. Such people are under the influence of the works of the flesh Galatians 5 v 19 through 21.

The old nature is clouded by addiction, frustration, disappointment, penury, anxiety, grumbling, doubt, fear, and so on. It is not the will of God, for us to remain in it, for such who dwell in it, will eventually be damned but he that received the new nature will have eternal life.


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