It might be fascinating to all, to know that most people perceive positive success to be in terms of material acquisitions, political empowerment, measure of riches and stocks, fame across the globe, etc., those listed media aren’t enough for one to say he or she has actually acquired success. My view on the perfect channel to life’s utmost purpose is to have a determined positive mentality, without that it is practically impossible to achieve anything of worth and perhaps the understanding of how to put it to proper use.

There have been several cases of people ranging from different background to ethnicity to culture, who have undergone tedious and unpalatable experiences in other to make ends meet and subsequently achieve purpose or objectives. We need to understand the importance of positive mindset in our generation and embrace the fact that everything is not going to be exquisite and radiant at all times, there are times of unexpected changes that will leave us at a realm of uncertainty. At this crucial moment of life challenges, we need to look out for a virtue that will sustain and propel us to the position we are designed to be in life.

Before we go on to further explanatory notes, I would like to enumerate a novel experience of a real world situation and draw inferences towards the purpose of creating a proper awareness of the intending objective. There was a man born into an average wealthy family, grew up attending illustrious schools, having all luxury and innermost desire at his disposal. However, towards his second year in the college, an unimaginable event occurred!, the death of his both parent, leaving only him with his little sister. Now, the turn of event that leaves the heart to bleed continuously emanated, he was left with several debt of loan collected from the bank by his beloved father and thereby leading to them staying with their grandparents. He dropped out of college, secured a laboring job, long after that the grandparents could not cope with the rigorous expenses of taking care of both of them, because they depend on pension money. This guy, never gave up, he continued with his job, took up several more jobs working 20 hours a day. He went back to school and graduated as a certified electrical engineer which had been his desire and passion, he went on to generate a breakthrough project that left a long-lasting mark on his generation. This is what the power of positive mindset can achieve, though it was rough along the way, but he never gave up on his dream and how to assist the old generation and his little sister.

There are moral lessons to derive from this analogy, the following inferences are highlighted below:

  • When you are faced with a sudden challenge, encourage yourself to push on.
  • Challenges in life are inevitable.
  • Do not depend solely on your own strength, ask for godly advice and assistance.
  • Money does not bring achievement, determination to forge ahead does.
  • You are a product of your own success regardless of circumstances.
  • Hard work is needed, while wisdom is paramount.
  • Make sure you are remembered not only for your failure but for unprecedented achievements.
  • Engage yourself with positive thoughts and positive friends.
  • Be patient in attaining success, it is never an easy road. if one says otherwise, beware!.

¬† ¬† ¬†Finally, my verdict is that when the world thinks there’s no hope for you, no one to lean on, nobody to give you comfort, always remember that you are not the first to go through the same event, learn from their lives, pick up yourself in a positive manner and be determine to excel in life.

You will definitely reach your goal!!!.


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