July 1, 2019
by David

It is quite alarming that the word ‘NO’ have been used rarely in today’s generation due to the circumstances that surrounds most individuals. I will like to elaborate vividly on the context ‘NO’ and how the enemy has robbed us from being able to use the word through several deceptive means. The first instance recorded in the world was in the garden of Eden, when the Prince of this world, used deceptive words to lure Eve into avoiding the use of ‘NO’. She ended up transferring the notion to her husband of which, he himself failed to realize that he is in for a trap, despite being the first to be given that sacred and sensitive instruction.

  Youths and teenagers have been dealt with on numerous occasions having been faced with timeline of decision-making. During those stages of development, they are exposed to various activities and events that sometimes aimed to cloud their sense of reasoning.  Some even went ahead to say, they do not know how to say ‘NO’ rather give in to the demands thrown at them. I will like to site examples which can be checked upon in the scripture. In the case of Joseph, he was faced with that opposition who was his master’s wife, as she sorted to seduce Joseph into laying with her. From the event that took place, Joseph decided to say ‘NO’ to the request of his master’s wife by feeling the scene. It got him into prison, but God was faithful as he was just and feared the Lord. Another perfect example was Daniel, the scripture said, Daniel proposed in his heart that he will not defile himself with the King’s meat but decide to live off vegetables. The end of that event led to the liberation of the soul from the trap of the enemy.

Joseph and Daniel used the word ‘NO’ and they were young, handsome, in position of authority and they could do away with what was thrown at them but the remain steadfast by holding fast to the love of God in them. Every teenagers and youths can deploy the same tactics today to escape the antics of the enemy. The word ‘NO’ is not that which is common in the camp of the enemy, it is rarely used, put into practice especially when it has to do with reject the commandments of God. The Devil and his demons used that word in heaven and they were expelled from the Heavens and cast into the world.

I could tell you that there is power in the word ‘NO’. There are several temptations out there, available on the internet, social media platforms, newspapers and magazines, amongst friends, visitors, family, etc. We can say ‘NO’ to the deceptive plan of the enemy. The bible says ‘flee all youthful lusts’, it is not to be accommodated, it is something will need to rebuke at every given time. The bible said, ‘resist the devil and he will flee from you’. Do you know that whenever you say ‘NO’ to the enemy, you abound in grace? Temptation comes forth when there is a great door ahead of you, it will try to distract and divert your attention about the will of God for you. Always remember that temptation is temporal, but the consequences can be disastrous.

I employ everyone who values the essence of life to ensure that they reject, rebuke and say ‘NO’ to drugs, alcohol, prostitution, theft/robbery, lust/illicit sex (done outside of marriage), fornication/adultery, masturbation/pornography, lies/evil thoughts, gluttony/wickedness, Suicide/Murder, etc. Please flee all appearance of evil, it is not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out of him.

The scripture says, ‘The heart of men is desperately wicked, and all the intention of their heart is evil continually’.

The solutions to this on how to say ‘NO’, is as follows:

  • Renew your mind through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Always Pray that you will not fall into temptation.
  • Flee all youth lusts
  • Godliness with contentment is great gain
  • Set your affections on things above and not on things on earth.
  • Walk out your salvation with fear and trembling.
  • Be devoted to worshipping God to keep your thoughts pure of evil.
  • Remember that God has overcome the world for you.
  • Always know that every temptation that befalls you, there’s a way of escape for you.

There are lots of people caught in the web and have continually swim in it with a perception that they are doomed. I can tell you that there is a way for you, all you have to do, is to surrender your life completely to God (with your mouth confession is made, with your heart is believe that Jesus Christ has come to die for you and is your Lord and saviour).

Ask Jesus to come into your life today and you will see a POWER from heaven release that will strengthen you to say ‘NO’ at every form of temptation.


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