March 18, 2020
by David

The month of march has always been set aside to celebrate Women all over the world including Mothers. I will like to draw our attention to the word of God as stated in the scripture in Luke 17 verse 32. It is one of the shortest verses of the scripture after ‘Jesus wept’, which states ‘Remember lot’s wife’. The account of the scripture spoke about the Second coming of the Lord, however, I would like to give deep understanding about what Jesus was talking about in that phrase.

Lot’s wife was someone that lived mostly with Abraham as she was a wife to Abraham’s cousin. She was an individual that experienced the promise of God for Abraham and the raw power of God during their stay with Abraham. I would like to state the characteristics of lot’s wife despite the fact she was hardly mentioned in the scripture but was noticeable for something that drew Jesus to her in that passage.

Lot’s wife was someone that is obedient to her husband, lived in harmony with her husband’s family, respect and adores him, and remain faithful to Lot all the way even to the point of his decision to pitch his tent in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. The truth is, she had opportunity of surrendering completely to God (Salvation of soul) but failed to yield her will to the will of God. Her mind was clouded with worldly affection, she desired to live that way but held back by her relationship with her husband.

Looking at some women of this generation, several fell into this category as only few have indeed surrendered completely to the will of God. There are many activities and functions they get entangled with, yet their heart is far from God.

I will mention a few of a type of lot’s wife activities in today’s generation:

  • Holding a position of authority in the church
  • Always consistent with a service in the house of God
  • Rendering voluntarily service
  • Supportive of the spouse’s ministry
  • Living at peace with people around them.

As mentioned here, there are several women in this category that lives a religious life, but their heart is not set on God. They have no relationship with God. They only have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. These individuals fall into the category of Lot’s wife.

Jesus Christ made mentioned of lot’s wife because several whom we felt are on the right path, are not even there due to their intentions. It is essential for every woman who aspire to reign in eternity with God, check their salvation status, are they really in a relationship with God? The scripture says, there’s no one that place his hand on the plough and look back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Whosoever, that is eager for the coming of the Lord must dissociate herself from worldly affections, infatuations, cares of this world and seek to do the will of God. For you not to be caught unawares as stated in Luke 17, you must deliberately and earnestly live a life of holiness because without it, it is impossible to see God.

Lot’s wife was told of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and was warned to live the country, but she was so clamored by what she will leave behind, those hidden interest within her heart. The scripture also mentioned that the intent of our hearts will be judged for that is indeed the seat of all emotions and thoughts.

It is a wise decision to do the will of God as such will also be able to impact the wisdom of God upon their family and loved ones.

As international women day is celebrated all over the world, every woman and mothers should endeavour to seek God faithfully and ensure they have a relationship with him. Do not become a negative reference point, as lot’s wife was in the scripture.

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day


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