January 18, 2017
by David

The current challenges emanating from homes towards instilling of good morals and etiquette in children is something alarming, which requires an immediate attention. The current inclination in technological advancement, has led to a global outburst in the use of gadgets and other developed electronics and equipment by children. Parents have neglected their role due to the nature of their jobs by instigating other means of approaching matters arising from their children’s behaviors. They have subsequently, allowed teachers, guardians, friends, the web, social media outlets, Media forums, to influence the development of their offspring.

It is essential for every parents seeking for proper upbringing of their loved ones, to imbibe, the most crucial factor that has been cultivated by some but neglected by several. This factor is none other, than Sensitivity. To further drive my point through adequate elaboration, it would be paramount to get the definition of this great and important factor. Sensitivity, in relation to the context, is defined as, the awareness of the needs and emotions of others. It practically entails that the emotions and desire of a child, are vital ingredients of proper development. By definition, we could see the word, awareness, been mentioned. It has to do with knowing that something (feeling, situation, condition, or problem) exists. Most children have find it difficult to pass adequate information to their parents and thereby express themselves by ways of emotions. It is so pathetic, that most parents turn a nonchalant attitude towards such a proposition, by showing more interest on their children’s assumed needs rather the required needs. These has created an emotional loop hole in these children, which can easily be infiltrated by any external source as aforementioned.

There are claims of affections shown by parents towards their children especially when such children have gone bizarre, venturing into unimaginable functions that has severed their future and consequently created a stigma. When we look at the world, and concentrate vividly on the age bracket that indulges in dubious and ferocious, we could infer that the foundation of the problem arises from lack of sensitivity of their parents. Several children that delve into prostitution, cyber-crime, theft, incest, sexual abnormality, has been a subject of emotional instability, which is accumulated as a result of parental deficiency. The funniest of it all, is that some of the parents are the instigator of those outrageous acts and the other partner gives little or no attention to discern the root of the problem.

It is vital for everyone both the father, mother, siblings and or relatives to ensure that they provide adequate attention through sensitive approaches to uncover hidden secret early in the life of their children, in order to annihilate further threat to them and the society.

These various paths are been explored by children, which should be looked into wisely. They are as follows:

  • Older relatives: It would be strange to some of us that such channel can be a cause of children immorality and perversion. To be candid, it is the truth. Several children who have been sexually harassed by their older relations, are on the rise over the last decade or more, therefore, it is vital to pay close attention to them specifically when the child is left alone with them. These can now occur in both sexes.
  • Teachers and Guardians: Several cases over the years have erupted based on the theories of sexual perversion between teachers and students. It is therefore vital to be on the lookout, for the closed ones to your children, or perhaps a complaint laid on them by your children.
  • Friends: This means cannot be overemphasized due to the fact, that association is the mother of internetworking. It is therefore, of great importance, to screen your children’s pals, and quickly separate those that are positively progressive than regressive. This path seriously determine how children turns out to in the near future (morally specifically).
  • The Internet: We are all aware that technology is on the rise and simplicity of electronics through nanotechnology and MEMs are on the increase, furthermore, the introduction of various subdivision of computer systems has made for easy accessibility of the web. These has also been propagated in the use of mobile apps (games, news outlet, social forum, video conferencing, etc.), which has led to the abuse of it through cybercrimes, hacking, etc. We need to guide them to ensuring they are aware of the negativity that could be propelled, when it is used wrongly. Most of the sites visited has led to exposition of children to terrible acts that’s beyond human imagination.

To round it off, my plea, goes to the parents, several are still at the early stage of parenthood and have never considered this factor to be crucial to the development of better generations. It is vital that we remain sensitive 100% to every details of speech, emotions, feelings, body reaction, facial expression that can be expressed by our children. I will also employ the youths that have been emotionally traumatized in the past, who have lacked support from any positively profitable resources to stay strong, and start on a new slate. It is never late to begin afresh, we can become better than our parents and our past, and we can create a good future for ourselves and our future offspring. We can become a good role model to the younger generations.

   To be morally uptight and upright, is to be adequately sensitive to everything around us. You can affect a child positively and in turn affection a generation.



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