January 26, 2016
by David

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I was undergoing an introspection when I stumbled upon this topic. When we refer to talent, we are practically talking about the gifts deposited in every man for the sake of affecting his generation positively. When we consider talent critically, we would deduce that it ain’t enough for a man to succeed in life but it’s one of the requirements needed for sustainable development and achievement in life purpose.

Talent is a beautiful phenomenon that erupts from the inside through the ability to impact on the environment hitherto. There are several other necessities, a man requires to excel in life besides talent. Several has talents out there, though they have tried to express it in their own ways but needed additional substances to generate the right result at the end.
I will be listing those factors below, they are

Hardwork : I want us to understand categorically that without such a factor, one cannot proceed further in your talent or expertise. It is essential that we give in to simultaneous labor so as to generate the profit needed to excel in life pursuit.

Passion: This particular factor cannot be overemphasized, because when we consider talent for a career, it is required that we have the zeal to further in it. This brings about the question, are you so engrossed in what you do?, Is it something you can’t do without? Regardless of challenges and opposition or discouragement, will you push on further than ever before?, etc., there are many more of such questions you need to ask yourself before venturing your talent as a career.

Pressure: This might sound so absurd, that how can pressure be a factor as regards talent, I put it to you, That it is paramount you are faced with such a factor to spur you on to the top. When you are in an organization, engaged in a responsibility as assigned by the head of Department or otherwise, it is your ability to manage the situation and come out on top that determines your achievements and subsequently promotion.

Time management: Several will agree with such a factor, but have failed to instill it into action. The allocation of time to a daily routine, following the procedures as highlighted and achieving those goals, ensures that you have made good use of your time.
There are lots more of such factors that could influence your talent in reaching it’s full potential in career pursuit but the few aforementioned is practically sufficient to conclude the necessary task ahead in life.


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