Teenagers: Understanding of lifestyle is essential!

July 20, 2016
by David

I will love to use this medium to expand the view surrounding lifestyle to the teenagers. They are the future of every society and their way of life is most important to maintain, a healthy and stable environment.  Lifestyle is a process of expressing oneself in an immediate environment. This could be further elaborated into dress sense, character expression, gesture, passion, etc. The manner at which teenagers exposes themselves to the society has called for consideration. Majority of their activities could be narrowed down to education, party and friends. These three features define what they do at most times.
Of recent, majority of teenagers engages in unpalatable functions that is beyond their age bracket, they forge documents in order to mingle with the older ones. Looking at their dress sense, how they expose their bodies have resulted in higher risk of violence and rape. To them they have arrived and needed to be seen by the opposite sex. Both the male and female tends to look for all possible means to impress the other party, which can lead to them smoking, drinking or even going into intimacy with an opposite sex. Negative lifestyles among the teenagers must be treated and corrected by both parents, teachers and the society.
Majority have been approached but in a harsh and terrible way which have further cause a deviation from the right manner to engage life.
It is essential that everyone that is surrounded by teenagers have the obligation to engage in positive talk with them, advise them of the consequences surrounding their actions, assist them to fulfill the right potential in them by nurturing proper and fruitful ethics that can propel them to become a figure of mannerism in the society.
Teenagers!, the following points will guide you towards a proper lifestyle:
give a deep thought about what you have been exposed to, especially by friends and the Internet.
– learn to search for the right information that can instill education of good repute.
– learn to identify a mentor that is capable of influencing you positively.
– Most importantly be close to God even at that very stage of your development.
– focus on becoming a academic gem or guru at your (intending) institution.
– Avoid bad companies or people of no ambition.
– Watch the way you dress and make sure you take cognizance of the way you are portrayed outside.
– learn to respect the elderly ones.

If you are able to follow these stated points, it will assist you to become who you are meant to be.


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