Temptation is a word that is common to everyone today. What exactly is this temptation? Some have even made it a common thing among themselves. They even play pranks with it. Temptation is not supposed to be joked about. It is a serious phenomenon that needs adequate attention in this present generation.

temptation destroys the soul

I have defined temptation as ‘an avenue of deep emotional and psychological web that draws the human mind to something or someone with an ulterior motive’. Temptation can be found all around us from the place we reside, to our place of work, in our environment, on social outlets, among friends, etc. Temptation is deadly and is basically used by the enemy to lure humans to their destruction. There are some questions that arises from humans especially the religious ones. They will say, ‘it seems God is given me a test’. Test and temptation are totally different; however, a temptation can be a test, however by the devil. God does not tempt a man, Job, in the bible, is a core example. We are in a world of temptation and I will highlight, the various avenues used by the enemy with respect to our emphasis.

  • Social Media: We are aware of the current expository that is made available via the internet. The enormous availability of mobile and smartphones for everyone at a stipulated price. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pin Interest, Snap Chat. The common one at a time in Nigeria was 2go. Many have lost their sense of humor based on these outlets, several teenagers and youths have been exposed to links and sites that could destroy their ambition and passion for right success. Teenagers and Youths, are found on those channels doing little or nothing but to follow individuals who they feel are mentors to the detriment of their soul and sanity. Several have learnt bad ways of doing things, exposed to drugs with different format, exposed to infidelity and sex, among many others.
  • Entertainment Media: Television stations and various channels available on free-to-air dishes such as DSTV, GOTV, etc., have also drawn several individuals into addictions of various sort leading to their exposure to crime, party life, etc., without paying attention to their basic educational etiquette for proper development and career path.
  • Friends: The kind of friends that are out there, is a cause for concern. Majority of people are not aligning themselves with the right fellows rather they get themselves entangled with people that lead them to various temptation avenues such as clubs, drinking, smoking, inscription of tattoo, indecent dressing, irrational behavior in the public, cultism, etc. The friends we keep always have a way of determining our success in life and fulfillment of destiny.
  • The Environment: Where you live have a way of creating an avenue for temptation based on what you see around, and what comes to you at that moment both in dialogue or by introspect. It is essential to know that when you are in an environment filled with some caliber of individuals who are known for some unclean acts, it could affect your perception about life and subsequently tends to spur you into going down the same path they are.

The bone of contention, is very simple, temptation is everywhere and due to our enclosure in the flesh brings it closer to us every second of the day. We need to be mindful of what we expose our minds to, for they go a long way in been processed and translated into action that leaves a dent on our path to destiny. Several have fallen victims of rape due to their exposure to bad friends, untrained parent, indecent dressing among many others, many young ladies have become pregnant, exposed to all kinds of drugs due to inability to control their lustful desires. The idea of boyfriend and girlfriend have been translated by the flesh to intimacy or bed mate which have made immorality a casual or normal gesture towards sexes. We need to guide against all these forms of temptation. How do we go about it, after learning ways by which it arises?

From the heading of this topic, I made of it as a test or a parasite. It is a test only when you are on the Lord’s side (a person who have surrendered completely unto God and live a holy life) and that happens simultaneously when we leave a room for the flesh to operate. However, as a parasite, it can destroy a soul and live one wandering whether his or her existence on earth is a mistake. Temptation ruins lives, destroys vision and render an energetic man impotent.

The way if escape for temptation is to be in Christ Jesus, then you will be able to put on the whole armor of God to stand against the devices of the enemies which include the susceptibility of the flesh. The Spirit of God is our guide for He will teach us the way of God, the scripture is another because when you dwell on it daily, you will be reveal the mind of God for you on earth and how to work in this world of sinful activities.

I will give you a scenario, of a Smartphone which is integrated with security mechanisms such as biometrics and pin interface. As a phone is implemented a passphrase key either as a character or alphanumeric character or symbols, every Mobile owner will desire to log into his or her phone by typing in the key code needed to access the device. Some will get in, if they are the owner while some will not and it will request for a period of 60 seconds or 1 minute to try again. The enemy will always try to access our soul (smartphone device) through his deceptive ways (trying different combination of characters) and then when locked out (Overcome by the Owner in Christ), waits awhile and then try again (temptation).

I will say that everyone should guard his heart with all diligence as the scripture has written and ensure we have the word of God in us, only then can we overcome the will of the flesh. We should also know that the devil will always appeal to our Adamic desire because we live in the flesh but ensure that you spirit man is never weakened, only then can you overcome all temptations that comes your way.

N.B: God will not tempt us above what we cannot overcome, because he himself was in all ways tempted yet overcame (The prince of the world comes and found nothing of him)


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