October 2, 2019
by David


The Garden Experience

The Garden Experience

The garden experience is one that is unique, special, that cannot be compared to anything that is existing on earth. The truth is, we are in a dilemma of understanding what it felt like, trust me, Adam and Eve, who are the first created beings by God will give you that tip. However, they lost it even in that same period of enjoying it. Let me elaborate, on what exactly was lost and how it has translated into the catastrophic phenomenon witnessed and evident today on earth. The scripture was very clear, at the very beginning after the creation of the first set of Man. God comes down in the cool of the day to fellowship with Man. What is fellowship?  It represents a friendly association, with someone who shares the same interest. This signifies that we were operating at the same wavelength with God with regards to his purpose of creation on earth.

God rules the spiritual realm and created us to rule the physical one, however, we lost it to a dethroned Cherub who was dismissed and evicted from Heaven through disobedience. The authority handed over to Man, made us to be in-charge of everything that God has created including the creatures both great and small, birds of the air and sea animals but that which we had we lost it by confirming to a deceitful, orchestrated plan of the devil. We lost power over all that God has created which include the devil who was cast down from Heaven.

I will highlight the virtues we lost at the Garden Experience, they are as follows:

  • The truth
  • Fellowship
  • Authority over God’s creation
  • Power to fulfill the mandate of God on earth
  • Longevity
  • Communication with Heaven
  • Heavenly Body
  • Holy Spirit

All these listed above are all encompassing into one, which is the Kingdom of God.

The Garden experience is what Jesus Christ has brought unto us after the falling away of Man but to be restored to the original purpose of God, we must first have a Change of interest, perception, mind, thought, zeal and purpose.

The falling of Man led to the birth of religion as Man seek to fill the emptiness created by sin in them. Man became a slave to sin and seek out various means to be comforted and happy, however, God expects us to relate with Him as it were from the beginning.

The truth is, we cannot communicate or understand the mind of God, if we keep on operating in the realm of the flesh, it is expedient that we make a turn around from our old ways and come to Him to begin the experience that was, at the beginning.

They that worship God, must worship Him in Spirit and in truth, for the Father seeks such to worship Him.

We are not created to inherit Heaven but the Kingdom that was originally created for us. Revelations 21 v 1 -2.

We are created to inherit the earth, but this present earth is already corrupted by sin and wickedness of Men, that is why Jesus said ‘I am going to prepare a place for you…’ The prepared place is the New Jerusalem which is to be brought down from Heaven.

I enjoined you all, to not just know Christ but seek for a relationship with Him, only then can you have the Garden Experience.


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