February 23, 2016
by David


I was so enthusiastic about what exactly depicts what life is all about, but after much reasoning, I draw my inference from our most delicate part of the mind which is our thoughts. A thought is a description of our innermost desires produced by virtue of our imagination(s). From the explanation stated about thought, how can we relate it as a core determinant of human existence?. There are so many out there, that never agree in principle that they are made as a spiritual entity, but if we consider the notion of human existence we would agree to this fact. We as humans produced the most wild imaginations which is transformed into physical structures after undergoing some work. The way we see the world and our current state of existence determines how far we can go in fulfilling life purpose. There are several individuals that have been limited by virtue of their thoughts, this can be deduced having considered the following factors.
Background : This is a serious one I must say!, people have remained stagnant and immovable due to the type of family or foundation they erupt from. They are faced with negative reports passed on from generation to generation, consequently, this have produced barrier to their future ambitions.
Society: The society you live is paramount in deciding how you become a success in life, so many who have fewer opportunities in their immediate environment goes as far as relocating to known and developed area for career fruition.
Procrastination: This is simple an act of extending over a period, a task or step towards a goal or project. Humans are fond of engaging in such factor, and have seen their desires overtaken by another due to their sluggishness or inability to take a step quickly.
Human Networking : This might sound bizarre or outrageous but it’s really true. When you have a good vision created by your thought, yet you tend to seek advice from wrong personnel can lead to a catastrophic end. Humans provide 70% of reasons why people remain limited to a spot.
How do you overcome such factors?
The answer is straightforward, you need to be self-discipline, be convinced of your decision making procedure, be aware of your partner or friends (choose a goal-oriented person), you are a product of your own imagination, remain focus and finally, the most important one, depend only on your Creator.


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