January 7, 2020
by David
you are a seed

You are a seed

The very essence of life is embodied in a seed. God orchestrated man to have a containment for seeds to develop and mature and that is the primary purpose of the creation of a woman after which she was created to be help meet for her man. When we look at the fruits of a certain plant, we would verify the fact, that, these fruits could not produce more without the seed in it. We were are created whole and complete with everything needed to succeed within us.
The truth is only a few have discovered this mystery. A seed represent vision, gift, skill need to fulfill the purpose of the mission of God on earth.
Every individual has a stage of his childhood, have a projected vision through dreams about what they will become as seen in the case of Joseph when he narrated his, to his household. Everyone was born for a purpose, the fact that you were sustained and brought forth into the world, indicates you have a purpose to fulfill.
It is beyond getting a job, marrying a pretty lady or man, owning a household. It goes beyond that and what it entails, is vision discovery.
What exactly is that vision? How will you know that is the vision of God for you? First know that your future lies within you and as time unveils itself, you are one step closer to that discovery. Everything you encounter, has a way of bringing forth that discovery, from your parent to teachers to the environment, to friends, interests and desires, what you are passionate about.
You are pregnant with a seed of God in you which is the value of your uniqueness among every other individual on earth. Your impact to your generation lies in your ability to discover it and the set time. Several begin to manifest it early in life while some is at their prime. The truth is, every experience you are confronted with, perturbs you into discovering a part of you, you never know of.
Challenges are never palatable, but they refine your raw gift and polish it into the finished product. When the time to unleash that seed you emanate, you will look back at all you have passed through leading to unending discovery of who you are meant to be as a person.
Remember vividly, that God planted that seed in you, gave you the ability to discover the future you within you in that timeline. You also need to depend completely on God to see you through, whereby living the guiding principles laid down in the scripture to ensure that you make it.
There are several of them around, but will down a few for your perusal:
Wisdom: If you are to discover you then you must imbibe this virtue which simply means living the instructions in the word of God.
Character: It will be practically impossible to discover who you are, if you lack this virtue. You have been surrounded with individuals that can aid your development, but you need to implement this virtue to learn from them.
Knowledge: When you understand your vision, you need to study earnestly to get more information about all it takes to become the best in what you are meant to be, get the right materials, books, etc., read and read through.
Humility: To remain top, you must know that the seed planted in you was never yours initially but placed there by God himself.
Gratitude: The purpose of living through the period of development and fulfillment lies in the covering by the true owner of the seed which is God. Always appreciate Him.
Having mention a few of what is expected to have as you are a seed with a seed in you. Do not think, it is late to discover your potential, neither is it late to seek God for a restart of purpose, ensure that you first establish or re-establish a relationship with God and then ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you through the process of living your purpose of existence.

Always remember you are a living seed , if you are still a living you can become what God has destined you to be, never give up.


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