September 16, 2019
by David
you are the future

A man walking into the future with a purpose

The main reason for the future being established is because of the existence of you. The issue with man is that, they are ignorant of the seed in them. The seed of a thing is simply in itself. Humans have been living in fear and anxiety due to their thought pattern and perception of life. The crucial aspect of the report is that, men have made themselves slaves to other men like them. They have failed to acquire knowledge of whom they have been created to be.

When God created man in the garden of Eden, he placed in him all that he needs to perform his duties on earth. We were established a future before the beginning. No wonder the bible said, ‘before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I know you’. Several seek out media on how to get wealth, define purpose and become relevant in their generation but all that is in you.

When a child is born, they begin to dream, these dreams are not their present but the future of them that is yet to be lived. Some of them, sees themselves as an adult in the dream doing things that are unimaginable, among people they could identify and those that they have never crossed their path. We are all born with that registered in our subconscious, however, several give up those dreams due to pressure from parent, environment and lack of focus.

Every human is a future, to an existence that is yet to be lived but already lived by the one that designed it. As a human, you cannot determine the part of the world where you will be born, neither can you dictate the source of your entrance into this world. However, you are born with a future that is defined not by your past or your present status.

Every human is born to solve a problem that is already in existence or yet to be discovered but the truth still always remains, there is always a problem to be solved.

When the Angel of the Lord visited Gideon, He said to him, ‘thou mighty man of valor’, it was strange to him because he could only see himself as a farmer and an ‘irrelevant human’ to his generation. Majority of the future of a man out there are determined by their sight and not their vision.

Several have given up every hope of becoming something indispensable because they couldn’t see beyond their sight. When God gave a promise to Abraham, he asked him to take a view of the sky and the sand of the sea, that as numerous as the sand of the sea shore is, so will his descendants be.

The importance of man is to established that which God has already written concerning us.

The end of man has been decided before he was created and that was placed in man at the point of creation. Adam through which man came into this world, is an embodiment of the entirety of God’s image. God pronounced that through Adam all the earth shall be filled, and it was also through Adam came the woman, which further establishes that the initial covenant made with man was indeed addressing all who will emanate from him.

Therefore, do not look down on your present status, do not allow anyone to bring your esteem to the bottom. That condition you are in, is just for a moment, the scripture calls it, ‘a light affliction’. Your future is that part of you that is yet to be discovered by man and trust me, you are an embodiment of wonders that people of the world are earnestly awaiting his manifestation.

Therefore, stop seeing yourself as a failure but a success yet to be discovered, don’t see yourself as been poor, but one who is been taking through a process of humility awaiting his time of manifestation.



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