October 3, 2018
by David

Success requires a Strong will

You can be who you are meant to be. The very essence of life is to add value to the society and the generation you are in. Several have been struggling to adhere to that perspective because they have been duly limited by their predicament. Life has individuals across the globe usually say, “Isn’t fair”. It is a phrase that has disrupt and obstruct the development of the mind towards positive action. The truth must be told, not everyone that is born, is opportune to be blessed with the resources needed to become valuable in life, some needed an assistance from external source to progress or perhaps a cause for a translocation.  All these are orchestrated by the Source of life, to mold human in every aspect which is not limited to his psychology and mental state.

Regardless of a man’s status, you can become who you are meant to be, and this is not because I said it but it is a fact that is embedded in you. The real source of limitation to a great success is the WILL TO SUCCEED. Many individuals have taking different channels to find their path to success but not all of it is truly registered as a success. How do you define what success is? Is it in the acquisition of wealth, resources or been influential with power in the society? I put it to you that none of the previously stated, can truly be defined as success. True success is defined as your contribution to the success of others. When what you are envisaged to be, isn’t towards provisioning of way of success for others, then such path is questionable.

To become what you are meant to be, there are several discoveries that must be attained. They are as follows:

  • What appeals to your soul: The ability to discern your earnest desire will give you a sense of purpose and usher you into the next phase as you journey down the path to success.
  • Start practicing: It doesn’t matter what you have around, try and create what you desire is, and ensure that people knows of it. It has a way of encouraging you towards progressing on that path.
  • There will always be stop gaps: Learn to realize that at some point, you might your mind divided between several opinions of choices towards a career path.
  • Do not let go of your dream: When you are aware of the previously mentioned three, you will be motivated to know that to become great, you must at some point face challenges.
  • Surround yourself with Positive thinkers: How will you make a good use of your harnessed skills when those around you have little or no interest in your passion rather than seeking for a way out, they discourage or frustrate you.
  • Always Read motivational books: People generated a different mindset about reading, to learn about life, challenges, purpose and fulfilment, you must study, look at others failure, solutions, way out and forge ahead.
  • You are not alone: For every successful story, there are many support which are not limited to Parent, Teacher, Guardian, Spiritual head, Superior, Mentor, etc.
  • Beware of Opposition: When climbing the ladder of success, there will always be forces, individuals who will try to drag you down, be careful of the kind of company you keep and how you let out your secret of success.
  • Progress never ends: You can’t stop developing, as the saying goes, once you stop developing then you are a living dead!

To become who you are meant to be, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines listed above, and above all, always rely on God Almighty who can guarantee your ending before it gets started.


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