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This is an educative and eye-opener specifically for those interested in making life a worthwhile. When we look at the phrase mentioned above, it can be deduced that we need to be educated personally on several criteria of life to pass on the acquired knowledge to another. I will like is to look vividly at the lives of some notable figures in the society depending on where we reside or the country of residence. There are several aspect of life that so many people do not have the slightest idea of and they have derailed as a result of taking drastic decisions that subsequently leads to abject failure and disaster. Let us state a few of these areas, they are Health, Spirituality, Business and Economy, Career development, Relationship and Marital concepts, Adaptation to situations, etc.
From those features mentioned above, we can see categorically that knowledge is essential and how to acquire it is mandatory, that shows the difference between an aspirant and a busybody. As a student of thought, when we are faced with situations beyond our present history, and seeks for advice from adults, elders, or the ‘grown-ups ‘. It is an appeal that we should access the source of those information, critically analyse the stated facts, seek out for further verification of report, before taking a decision on the current matter at hand.
This particular article is coming into play, having noticed on several occasions and from closed and distant personnel who have taken an inconclusive step on a matter that have led to their downfall, of which several are yet to recover from it. Therefore, my take on this, is that we can also acquire the write knowledge needed on every aspect or topic of interest, seek for external expertise on it, and endeavor to retain those documents for further review in the near or distant future.

Be careful who you seek advice from, be mindful of the kind of information you disclose to another, ensure that the person in question has past positive records, and for the teachers out there, of every facet of life, endeavor you know what it takes to give an advise or recommendation before venturing into it. 


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