Youth: Character, a tool for proper development

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A character can be described as a someone’s feeling, thought or attitude towards something or someone. It can also be inferred as one’s personality. Every human at various stages of development exhibit such an identity, however there are lot that transpires specifically with the youthful period. Youths are a product of their vast expression towards nature and that can be inculcated through their character. It is also noted that a truthful stage is a vibrant active minded stage where an individual expresses innovation towards life challenges, though it could be seen that most people tends to retrogress from their stages of development into maturity.
There are several stages every youth must consider vividly when tending towards adulthood. They are enlisted below:
Career Choice: Stages before now, youth tends to dwell mostly on the influence of their parent and guardian towards academic pursuit. However, career is alot different from just venturing into a course in the university or college, it is a process of making a decisive conclusion towards an aspiration that will relinquish every attribute within a man.
Marital Choice: if you notice properly and attentively, you will realize that there are no pressure on you prior to your youthful stage towards making a choice of a spouse. When such a stage arrives having reached a level with development, it is expected that you have an help meet, to compliment you in realizing your objective here on earth.
Spiritual Choice: One would wonder, is such a stage necessary or paramount, but I put to you, it is unquestionably the most important stage of life and it is essential for one to take a stand with God in order to realize one’s destiny. Your closeness and fellowship with God matters due to the clamoring of worldly possession and promiscuity.
Friend Choice: if you think having a friend in elementary school are really friends then you haven’t understand the meaning of friendship. At this stage, it is essential you decide who and whom your friends are. You need to differentiate between the past and the current/future. Every friend you keep at this stage, will determine your level of success in life due to their influence on you,therefore, choose wisely.
Having listed all the facts above, character above all will determine whether you can make the right decision in all areas aforementioned. If you are having difficulty in grasping or relating with all mentioned.

It is essential to seek a counselor for proper and positive guidance towards ensuring that you mature efficiently into adulthood.


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